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Sentence Checker

How it works

Our sentence checker will search the web and count the number of occurrences for each entry. Expressions with many hits are popular and might be safe to use in your written English. Expressions with zero or only a few hits are probably incorrect or awkward.

Instant sentence checker

The automatic tool that lets you compare two sentences and see which one is more commonly used. Works great for checking preposition usage, idiomatic sentences, sentence structure, etc.

Sentence Checker

Check Preposition Usage

Preposition usage is difficult to master. "On", "At", "In", "By"... which one should I use? Figure it out on TextRanch.
Example: "on accident" vs "by accident"

Check Idiomatic Expressions

Every language has its own suite of sage sayings. Use TextRanch to find out which expressions are commonly used.
Example: "bells and whistles" vs "whistles and bells"