Which is correct:
"I already sent" or "I already send"?

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I already sent

This phrase is correct.

This phrase is used to indicate something was sent in the past. The word already is used here to emphasize the action is completed and so it is too late for any changes.

Some examples from our editors:

  • I already sent the laundry to the dry cleaner so your dirty shirt will have to wait until next week.
  • I already sent the email an hour ago.

Some alternatives from our editors:

  • I sent
  • I mailed (emailed)
  • I transmitted

I already send

This phrase is correct.

This phrase is used to indicate an ongoing action or to express surprise at something that has happened sooner than expected.

Some examples from our editors:

  • Don't ask me for more money; I already send you a payment every month.
  • My baby has grown up so quickly; I already send him to kindergarten!

Some alternatives from our editors:

  • I keep sending
  • I continue to send

Expert tip! Only use the word already when you are referring to a specific time, an event that is fully completed, or to indicate surprise at the passage of time. Many times it is redundant to say you have already done something; saying it is done is enough, so it is often better to simply omit the word.

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Last updated: December 03, 2019

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