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the weather is fine vs The weather is fined

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

the weather is fine is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

the weather is fine

1,370,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • We can take lunches in the garden, providing the weather is fine.
  • The weather is fine in London.
  • Osorio: The weather is fine.
  • Osorio: The weather is fine. We have fair weather today.
  • The village of Colonnata lies at the head of a straight, narrow gorge aligned towards the sea, and on days when the weather is fine breezes blow through the village.
  • The weather is so fine today!
  • The weather back home is fine.
  • Because today's weather is fine, we'll eat outside.
  • When I have time and the weather's fine.
  • When the weather was fine... she often sat at the window...
  • The weather's fine. It's just not my type.
  • You said the weather would be fine.
  • When they left at 10:00, the weather was fine, but clouds have gathered over the mainland.
  • Tremendous group of people, the weather's fine, and the starter looks like he's ready to start the race.
  • The weather will be fine to Chamonix.
  • Up to Turin, the weather will be fine.
  • the weather's fine. "Muto-gumi Yakuza" ...the weather's fine.
  • Madam President, I trust that sound was not a sign that a storm is on its way, and I hope the weather will remain fine.
  • The year ended with fine weather.
  • No, weather's fine, actually.

The weather is fined

5 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • No, the weather is all right.
  • Today the weather is so nice.
  • The weather is bad, so everyone enjoys an extra night in Rennes.
  • The weather is expected to continue like this for another week.
  • The weather is nice after so much rain.
  • The weather is so good in california.
  • You know, in London, the weather is horrible.
  • The weather is too dangerous a subject.
  • The weather is challenging, but the excitement is palpable.
  • The weather is fine in London.
  • When the weather is great you do not need a welfare state.
  • I wonder what the weather is going to be next weekend.
  • The weather is awful in London.
  • The weather is mild and the morning indifferent.
  • The weather is proof of that.
  • Very energizing if the weather is hot.
  • The weather is covering the stars again.
  • No, the weather is beautiful.
  • The weather is nice, we're fine.
  • When you see the coasts the weather is good.


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