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failure case vs fail case

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

failure case is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

failure case

238,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Whereas all renal failure cases had been included in the preliminary report, the case definition this time was more restricted and resulted in a slightly lower number of cases.
  • The overall incidence rate for community acquired acute renal failure from all cases was 1.4 per 10,000.
  • In some patients more severe hepatic dysfunction, hepatitis, or hepatic failure including fatal cases have been reported.
  • Clearly a failure in this case, but someone still found him lovable.
  • Liver failure puts her case back in the unsolved pile.
  • In this respect, the failure in many cases to consolidate public finances more rapidly in good times has been especially disappointing.
  • A failure in a case like this would be just the excuse Delk needs to break up Major Crimes.
  • That will send a powerful signal to discourage other dictators from using violence against their peoples; failure in this case will have the opposite effect.
  • In cases of failure to respond to inhaled nitric oxide, see section 4.4.
  • That's a failure, in most cases, of men's leadership.
  • In terms of liability in the case of failure, consumers should be protected.
  • This is all the more needed in case of failure of the self-regulated approach.
  • Figure 7 illustrates three cases of failure of the urea dosing system.
  • National authorities should remain able to apply penalties in case of failure to comply with obligations stemming from national law transposing Union Directives.
  • In case of failure to fill in these obligatory data, the application shall be rejected.
  • In case of failure to fill in these obligatory data, the extension request shall be rejected.
  • restart facilities in case of failure.
  • The Secretariat shall, in addition, inform the Parties of any cases of failure to transmit a response.
  • Hoses and pipes shall be in proper condition to avoid disturbance of liquid flow or accidental spillage in case of failure.
  • It shall also forward forthwith to the Member States information on any cases of failure to transmit a response.

fail case

163,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • - Your honor, her case fails by all criteria.
  • A fail-safe in case he locked himself inside.
  • A fail-safe in case Adam cures her.
  • A fail-safe in case Adam cures her.
  • We're all dead if this case fails.
  • It's just a fail-safe in case the wider operation goes wrong.
  • There's a mechanical fail-safe in case the electronics shut down.
  • It's a fail-safe in case heat-sensitive experiments are left running and the city gas goes out.
  • For three years I have done nothing but fail on this case.
  • I think you want this case to fail.
  • A 3-pronged fail-safe in the case of an inadvertent nuclear launch.
  • In that case a fail decision is recorded.
  • I need options in case Rossler fails us.
  • I will remain here in case you fail.
  • Be ready with entry options in case negotiations fail.
  • If I can find solid precedents to keep it out of evidence, their case will fail.
  • In case I fail, apology have told that it did not want was my father.
  • Double redundancy in case I fail?
  • Indeed, as Mr Lagendijk said, we cannot afford to fail in this test case.
  • In addition, more amendments aimed at lowering the standards for contamination are being kept in reserve in case that fails.


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