Which is correct:
"She made an error in the article" or "I am great"?

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She made an error in the article

This phrase is correct and commonly used to indicate a mistake made in writing or content.

This phrase is used to point out a mistake or inaccuracy in an article, document, or any written content.


  • She made an error in the article by misquoting the statistics.
  • I found a spelling mistake in the article. She made an error in proofreading.
  • He admitted that he made an error in the article and promised to correct it.
  • The editor noticed that she made an error in the article and asked for a revision.
  • It was embarrassing to realize she made an error in the article after it was published.

I am great

This phrase is correct but lacks context. It can be used to express self-confidence, satisfaction, or a positive feeling about oneself.

This phrase is often used informally to express a positive self-assessment or feeling of greatness.


  • I am great at playing the guitar.
  • After winning the competition, she exclaimed, 'I am great!'
  • Despite the challenges, he maintained a positive attitude and said, 'I am great.'
  • She received praise for her performance and responded, 'I am great, thank you.'
  • When asked about his achievements, he simply replied, 'I am great.'
These two phrases are not directly comparable as they are unrelated. The first phrase 'she made an error in the article' is correct and commonly used to indicate a mistake in writing. The second phrase 'i am great' is also correct but lacks context, making it unclear what is being referred to. It could be used to express self-confidence or satisfaction.

Last updated: March 15, 2024

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