Zubair Alam Chowdhury

Technical Support Specialist

Location: Bangladesh
Home country: Bangladesh
Native language: Bengali
TextRanch user since: April 5, 2016

In his job, Zubair writes many emails, both to clients and internal messages to his colleagues. He knows that it is not only important to sound professional, but also to make sure that the meaning of his writing is correct.

Zubair leaves very detailed notes for his editor to make sure the revisions are correct for his needs. In return, he often gets very detailed explanations and suggestions for word choice and sentence structure.

He has been very satisfied with the 300+ revisions TextRanch editors have completed for him, and he’s noticed an immense improvement in the quality of his writing. Zubair loves TextRanch because he knows he’ll always get quality revisions, fantastic feedback, and amazing customer service.

আমি TextRanch বিশ্বাস করি আর ব্যবহার করি আমার ইংরেজি ভুল সংশোধনের জন্য!

I believe in TextRanch and use it for correcting my English mistakes!

— Zubair

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