Michel (Mitch) Vivas

Senior Technology Officer

Location: Australia
Home country: Bogota, Colombia
Native language: Spanish
TextRanch user since: April 28, 2017

Since moving to Australia nearly a decade ago, Michel has been working hard to make sure he communicates well with native English speakers. He needs to write formal business letters to his clients and he trusts TextRanch to make sure his writing has no grammatical errors. He’s also improving his written skills and has noticed he’s communicating more and more like a native English speaker.

Michel loves TextRanch because the human experts are superior to machine-powered checkers. He believes that only human editors will catch the nuances and idioms that are required for truly native-sounding writing.

Because TextRanch uses editors from every corner of the globe, Michel knows he can count on quick and efficient service no matter what time it is in his part of the world.

Me encanta utilizar TextRanch para verificar mi escritura en inglés, ya que los editores me dan una gran retroalimentación sobre mi escritura y eso me ayuda a mejorar mis conocimientos de inglés.

"I love using TextRanch to check my English writing, because the editors give me a lot of feedback on my writing and that helps me improve my English skills."

— Michel

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