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Every question deserves attention to detail. Our professional editors have years of experience helping non-native English speakers improve their writing. Now you can take advantage of their expertise to get personalized, insightful responses to your questions.

You will never get an automated response or a canned AI answer that's only semi-related to your question. You will always receive authentic content written by a real person. Our editors prepare customized answers and clarifications to guide you on your English-learning journey.

A Fixed Price for Every Question

At TextRanch, transparency and trust are our priorities. With our Ask an Editor service, you can be assured that you will always pay a fixed price for every question you submit, regardless of its complexity. There are no hidden charges and no escalating costs. The straightforward pricing lets you focus on what truly matters: understanding and mastering the English language without any financial surprises.

Get Clarity on English Rules

English can be very difficult to learn and use, and it's frustrating to come across rules that seem to contradict each other. You might wonder if something is a phrasal verb or auxiliary verb. Maybe you're not sure about the right word to use in a sentence. Sometimes when completing English practice sentences, it can seem like a concept is just out of your grasp. No matter your question, our editors can break down complex ideas to ensure you get a clear answer that helps you understand why or how native speakers navigate that concept.

Completely Private and Confidential

Ask questions without the awkward moments or embarrassment that can come from asking your friends, family, or coworkers. Our editors are real people who know how hard it is to learn a new language. They are here to help you expand your knowledge of English by giving you compassionate and helpful correct answers. You can ask your English questions with confidence, knowing that they will never be shared with anyone else!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I ask more than one question?

Our service is designed to provide in-depth answers to individual questions. To ensure that each question receives the dedicated attention it deserves from our senior editors, if you have multiple queries, you’ll need to submit each one separately.

What type of questions can I ask?

You can ask just about anything related to the English language. Common questions we see are about grammar rules, word choice, understanding idioms and slang, or requests to explain confusing English phrases. Please avoid questions that are not about the English language.

How long does it take?

A senior TextRanch editor will write a detailed answer for you within 24 hours.

Is there a word limit to my questions?

While there’s no strict word limit, we encourage you to be concise to ensure clarity. Most questions should be no more than 2 or 3 short sentences.

Can I ask questions about languages other than English?

TextRanch is an English editing company, and our editors are all experts in English. This means our Ask an Editor service is tailored specifically for queries related to the English language. We are not able to assist with foreign-language questions or other topics that are not related to English.

What if I’m not satisfied with the answer?

We really care about making you happy! If you think the answer you got doesn’t quite help with your question, please let us know, so our team can review your answer document.

Who can benefit from TextRanch’s services?

TextRanch helps millions of users every month, from native English speakers looking to polish their writing to English language learners and non-native speakers aiming to improve their English language skills.

Can TextRanch help me improve my English skills?

Absolutely! Our services are designed to help you improve both your knowledge of English and your writing skills. Whether you’re struggling with English grammar or need clarity on idiomatic expressions, we’ve got you covered. In addition to being able to get help with your English questions, when you submit text to be corrected by an editor, you can learn from your mistakes and get better at writing and communicating.

I’m a non-native speaker. Will I benefit from using TextRanch?

Yes! Non-native speakers often find our services particularly helpful. The guidance you’ll receive from our editors can significantly accelerate your understanding of the English language.

Do you offer English courses or just individual sessions?

While we don’t offer traditional online courses, our services, especially the Ask an Editor feature, function similarly to English tutoring sessions, providing personalized feedback and answers.

How does TextRanch differ from regular English classes?

Unlike structured English classes, TextRanch provides a more flexible and on-demand approach. Whether you just have a quick question or need an in-depth analysis of a document, our platform caters to your specific needs, making it a valuable tool for online learning.


What people are saying about TextRanch

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Ifiok from Nigeria
May 2023

Wow, it's just so excellent. I never would have believed I could have a sure and excellent English companion. Thanks, TextRanch.

Wilson from France
March 2023

This is my first time using TextRanch, and I like how the editors take time to correct my text. To everyone who has never used TextRanch before, I highly recommend trying it.

Susan from Germany
January 2023

It is an amazing source of feedback because, as a non-native speaker, I really need to have a reliable helper correct my text.


Personalized Learning Experience

Whether you're just learning English and grappling with the intricacies of English grammar or a native speaker looking to refine your language skills, the Ask an Editor service addresses your unique learning needs. Everyone has un-answered questions about how English rules work, and TextRanch can provide the answers! Every response is customized to specifically answer your question. You will always get a personalized experience to help you understand the English language.

A Bridge Between Cultural and Linguistic Gaps

English is a language rich in idioms, colloquialisms, and regional variations. For non-native speakers and English language learners, this can sometimes be overwhelming. Even native English speakers need help when they encounter phrases or terminology from regions or topics that are unfamiliar to them. Our service bridges these gaps, making English more accessible, relatable, and clear for everyone.

Confidence in Communication

You may be writing an important email, authoring a book, or simply want to be sure your vocabulary is adequate for casual conversations. Boost your confidence by ensuring you're using English accurately and effectively. Knowing the right phrases and the proper English rules will improve your confidence. TextRanch is the best community of experts to help you improve your English texts and understand grammar rules with ease.

Continuous Language Evolution

English is the most common language used in business communications, and it is used by billions of people globally. It is also a very dynamic language; new words and phrases are continually being added to its lexicon. As English evolves, new words are added, old words can gain new meanings, and even the grammar rules sometimes change to fit modern society. All these changes can make it difficult to stay on top of your English game. The Ask an Editor service makes it easy to understand these changes with ease.

Enhanced Writing Skills

For non-native speakers and English learners, mastering English conversation and writing skills can open doors to global opportunities in academic fields, business, and creative fields. Native speakers can also refine their written English, ensuring it's clear, compelling, and free of common pitfalls. With our Ask an Editor service you can get a clear understanding of any English rule.

Experience the future of online learning with TextRanch.

Our online platform goes beyond standard online courses. It's a personalized guide to mastering English. While we don't offer structured English classes, each interaction with our editors feels like a mini English lesson that is tailored just for you.

TextRanch: Your Ultimate English Guide

Whether you’re just beginning to learn English or you want to improve your existing skills, the TextRanch Ask an Editor service is here for you. Get quick answers to your questions, learn to understand tricky parts of the language, and communicate more confidently. Everyone, regardless of skill level, can benefit. The next time you’re puzzled about English grammar, idioms, or vocabulary, remember that we’re here to help! With TextRanch, you’re never alone on your English journey.

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