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of lower rank vs in lower rank

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of lower rank is the most popular phrase on the web.

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of lower rank

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Some examples from the web:

  • A soldier of lower rank, as an award to his services asked the emperor permissioin to marry you.
  • Perhaps I am of lower rank than your husband?
  • Larger sets of cards beat smaller sets of lower rank
  • It's typical its behaviour on the ground in ensuring the order of pecking for the access to the food, where it gets very aggressive and is in permanent contrast with young individuals or of lower rank.
  • Instead in the greenhouses of the residence there are the districts of the servers and the places of the first clashes between Fabrizio, still incapable of admitting the love for a girl of lower rank, and Elisa, surprised and proud.
  • The other dicasteries were of lower rank.
  • Running away with someone of lower rank?
  • The slaves and men of lower rank who bury the dead did not know their Pharaoh was among them.

in lower rank

46,100 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • This figure of enormous importance was a great supporter of the papacy in the investiture controversy and broke a centuries
  • old tradition that saw women segregated in lower ranks than men, by dominating all the Italic territories in the north side of the Papal States.
  • But it turns out that love is very strictly forbidden in the lower ranks of the guerrilla, so their romance was discovered and they were separated.
  • Since for some perverse reason many of the people treasonable to England are to be found in the lower ranks of the government service.
  • The problem is that it was working in the lower ranks of the guerrilla.
  • Individuals at the top of the hierarchy exercise power over persons in the lower ranks. The organization itself exercises power in the larger society.
  • The instructive texts, now directed at lower ranks in the bureaucracy, were no longer based on the assumption that right thinking and just action automatically lead to wordly success, but instead counsel contemplation and endurance.
  • Officers need not explain to lower ranks.

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