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the text says that vs the text deals with

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the text says that is the most popular phrase on the web.

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the text says that

315,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • On the other hand, the text says that the Chamber is out of the Fundamental Center, and it is thus indeed.
  • When the text says that Wotan is struck with a grand idea (70), the sword theme plays in the orchestra, foreshadowing his future attempts to regain the ring through Siegmund and Siegfried.
  • We should note that the text says that the faithful will be seated only "after Communion," not during the very moment while Communion is being distributed.
  • The text says that he is descended from the line of Cain.
  • The text says that Chitrinî is beautiful like a lightening chain, and this indicates clearly that, if the cosmic substance is scattered throughout the spine, each emotion produces a different vibratory tonality.
  • The text says that She wakes up pure knowledge; so once again it states that there is no essential difference among diverse aspects of the cosmic substance, since these unite one another.
  • S&D Euro MP Richard Howitt who drafted the text says that the parliamentary vote sends a strong signal of support to the European Commission to propose a new law on non
  • financial reporting by business.

the text deals with

81,300 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Within this context, let us read how the text deals with the creation of human beings.
  • British Conservative MEPs have voted against this resolution as the issue the text deals with is one which is wholly a matter for internal affairs of one Member State and thus has no bearing at an EU level.
  • In the light of the Gospel, the text deals with situations such as the increase of violence in Brazilian society and corruption, considered endemic, which increases inequality.
  • The text deals with psychological issues and problems.
  • The texts deal with propaganda, the problem of reforestation, the protection of the fauna, the fight against artificial lakes, the construction of refuges and the incentives for opening small hotels.
  • All the medical texts deal with apes.
  • This is a more appropriate point in the text to deal with migrants as a group.
  • That said, if we find that the final text deals with these issues and is ambitious in reducing tariffs on EU spirits, on EU machinery, on EU automobiles and other areas, we will be happy to back such a free trade agreement.

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