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help boost vs help boosting

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

help boost is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

help boost

7,790,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • The state asked EDF to help boost the competitiveness of French industry and the purchasing power of French households.
  • Cooperatives, consortia, mutuals, innovative start-ups and microenterprises can also help boost competitiveness and innovative capacity within the EU.
  • Given that the construction sector represents 10% of gross domestic product in the EU and is currently experiencing a period of severe recession, all measures that can be taken to help boost construction are welcome and will have my vote.
  • Urges ACP and EU governments to create plans or support existing initiatives to help boost the development of cultural tourism, encouraging young people to appreciate the cultural and natural heritage of our countries;
  • I was looking for anything that could help boost my magic.
  • I've begun administering drugs to help boost her immunities.
  • The microbes on your skin can help boost your immune system.
  • Anything you can tell us will help boost the recovery process.
  • Requirements that would help boost public confidence would also help farmers to regain control over this important industry.
  • See, sometimes when a pregnant woman is sick, the fetal stem cells will migrate into her system and help boost her own immune response.
  • The Committee also notes that, in addition to stimulating demand, a range of other measures can also help boost confidence among economic stakeholders.
  • In 2009 the budget for research was increased 11% to help boost competitiveness in difficult times.
  • Moreover, such spending reforms would improve the long-term sustainability of public finances, as well as allow a re-direction of expenditure to growth-enhancing categories, thereby help boost productivity.
  • I welcome the initiative promoting more active involvement by farmers in rural development programmes, which will help boost local competitiveness.
  • Support for investments in the infrastructure and its improvement will help boost the competitiveness of the regions lagging behind and ensure the internal market's harmonious operation.
  • This development will definitely help boost Europe's competitiveness and, consequently, improve the quality of life.
  • In this respect, I welcome the creation of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, which will help boost relations between these two worlds.
  • Attempts have been made in the past to help boost the private sector in this respect - such as with the services directive.
  • If this can be maintained in the future it will only help boost China's development.
  • Adopting this own-initiative report compiled by Mr Harbour will help boost innovation in research and development within the European Union.

help boosting

75,800 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • So too will be the future budget of the Union, and how its great potential can be used to help the task of boosting growth and creating jobs.
  • Railway station development projects must help to retain existing jobs, while boosting the creation of new jobs.
  • There is, however, strong evidence collected by the EMCDDA to suggest that it helps to cut risk behaviour without boosting injecting.
  • Cohesion policy accounts for 45 % of the EU budget and its aim is to help the poorest regions whilst boosting competitiveness and employment.
  • In this light, boosting regional economic integration would help create larger markets, creating economies of scale and thereby providing an incentive for local production bases to expand and for attracting foreign investment.
  • If they do, and if this directive helps them to do that, that will go a long way to improving competitiveness by boosting the small company sector.
  • Whether your goal is cost-driven innovation for a new machine, getting the whole fruit into a yogurt container, or boosting production on your filling floor we are here to help.
  • So, rather than spending money on medical bills, they are boosting their income and spending capacity, both of which help the economy to grow.
  • Implementing the European Semester will help coordinate European economic policy by improving competitiveness, cutting red tape, promoting education and boosting the labour force.
  • EU funding can therefore help to improve the quality of life and work in rural areas by boosting incomes and through schooling and vocational and academic education and further training.
  • Has the Commission considered boosting technical cooperation to help guarantee the holding of fair democratic elections without outside interference?
  • Boosting competition between the CRS will help to reduce costs and to improve the quality of the services they provide.
  • Given Italy's adverse competitiveness position, devaluation of the currency, were it possible, would not be a long-term substitute for productivity-boosting reforms, but it certainly would help in at least three ways.
  • Boosting development and enhancing equality in order to promote peace in the 21st century: these are the concrete steps that can help to improve the situation if we take them.
  • Believes that boosting business clusters and alliances of SMEs in order to promote their development in the international sphere will help to foster entrepreneurial spirit and make start-ups a more attractive prospect;
  • This will help make life easier for domestic consumers, while at the same time reducing energy bills, boosting efficient energy use throughout the energy chain, as well as verifying compliance with current energy efficiency legislation.
  • A. whereas an efficient patent system in Europe is a necessary prerequisite for boosting growth through innovation and to help European business, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to face the economic crisis and global competition;


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