Which is correct:
"encourage" or "boost"?

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The word 'encourage' is correct and commonly used in English to mean giving support, confidence, or hope to someone.

The word 'encourage' is used when you want to inspire or motivate someone to do something or to continue doing something. It is often used in a positive and supportive context.


  • She always encourages me to pursue my dreams.
  • His words of encouragement helped me through a difficult time.


  • motivate
  • inspire
  • support
  • uplift
  • cheer on


The word 'boost' is correct and commonly used in English to mean to increase or improve something, especially in a positive way.

The word 'boost' is used when you want to enhance or raise the level of something, such as confidence, morale, or performance. It is often used in a context of improvement or enhancement.


  • The success of the project boosted team morale.
  • A cup of coffee can boost your energy levels.


  • increase
  • improve
  • elevate
  • enhance
  • uplift
Both 'encourage' and 'boost' are correct and commonly used in English. They can be used interchangeably to mean to help or stimulate someone or something. The choice between them depends on the context and personal preference.

Last updated: March 28, 2024

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