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large variety of vs huge variety of

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

large variety of is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

large variety of

27,700,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • There exists a large variety of voluntary activities throughout Europe which should be preserved and developed further.
  • In addition, a large variety of information on public health issues is provided on the EU public health portal.
  • I have a large variety of clients.
  • Sixty percent of the area is covered by pastures with a large variety of grasses, herbs and aromatic plants.
  • To fight terrorism targeting civil aviation, we need a large variety of combined and coordinated measures - intelligence, profiling, different search methods and international cooperation.
  • We all know that it is a very wide-ranging proposal that covers a large variety of issues of great interest to the professions and also more generally.
  • Because of the very specific nature of the working and living conditions of seafarers ILO has adopted over he years a large variety of conventions and recommendations.
  • The financing for this kind of projects comes from a very large variety of lines and it is indeed difficult to get a clear picture of the activities and quantities involved.
  • Add Tab opens into a submenu allowing you to add a large variety of dockable dialogs as new tabs.
  • As the Court's audits have revealed, the consequence of this large variety of actions and the substantial number of individual grants is a considerable transaction cost per euro spent.
  • The implementation of the programme will be guided by the principles of transparency, as well as openness to a large variety of organisations and projects.
  • It is impossible at the moment, because we use such a large variety of indicators and assessment methods, to characterise noise in different Member States.
  • These short-range devices also need, on the other hand, sufficient flexibility to allow for a large variety of applications in order to maximise the benefits of wireless innovation in the Union.
  • Due to very limited imports from the countries concerned and in view of the large variety of different types of products, prices provided by Eurostat cannot be considered as a reliable source for a detailed analysis.
  • The implementation of the programme will be guided by the principles of transparency as well as openness, to a large variety of organisations and projects.
  • In particular, iron chelated with HBED is used to correct iron shortages and to remedy ferric chlorosis for a large variety of fruit trees.
  • This Decision has historically been the main reference for initiating Community procedures to allow exports from third countries of a large variety of animals and their derivatives;
  • There exists a large variety of voluntary activities throughout Europe which should be preserved and developed further, inter alia by creati ng a cross-border network of the volunteering associations in the different Member States to provide a permanent platform for the exchange of experience s and best practices.
  • Moreover, under the Fund's new priority axis 4 on the sustainable development of fisheries areas, support can be granted for the diversification of activities and the promotion of alternative employment for fishermen through a large variety of measures.
  • There is a large variety of milk products suitable for different consumers in different consumption situations

huge variety of

11,900,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • It is inappropriate for the Commission to set an EU-wide leverage cap since it would be disproportionate and ignore the huge variety of structures and strategies within the AIFM sector.
  • In addition, for a product like shoes which is continuously changing due to fashion, it would be practically impossible to set a non-discriminatory price level that equally eliminates injurious dumping for a huge variety of entirely different models.
  • Thursday in plenary was characterized by a huge variety of subjects.
  • European security and defence was discussed by MEPs Thursday in plenary was characterized by a huge variety of subjects.
  • There's a huge variety of models.
  • I do not myself think that it will be possible in small shops with that huge variety of items packed close in to have unit pricing indicated simply by putting up posters at one end of the shops.
  • Generate a huge variety of abstract patterns
  • Ladies and gentlemen, we all embody the rich diversity of our European continent and reflect, through our political families, the huge variety of convictions and attitudes.
  • Other parts create an excessive drain on resources, do not fit with the realities of the huge variety of smaller companies that we have in Europe and, in consequence, do not serve the public interest.
  • Given the huge variety of products that could be contaminated with the unauthorised genetically modified rice 'Bt 63', it seems appropriate to target a long list of products which could contain, consist or be produced from rice.
  • It is a powerful bloc of countries whose climatic conditions could not vary more, from Lapland down to the islands of Greece, and where there is a huge variety of economic conditions.
  • They evolved into a huge variety of species.
  • Information and awareness-raising campaigns are necessary, among other things to help consumers find their way around the huge variety of labels, organic and conventional.
  • The huge variety of laws in force creates enormous difficulties for the effective cooperation of national liaison officers and Europol, as well as complicating judicial control.
  • Would the Commissioner agree that it is vitally important for Members of this House to understand the huge variety of discriminatory and anti-competitive practices that Member States currently apply against service providers?
  • Mr President, as we know, 27 EU Member States with a large number of regions, cities and communities and a population of 500 million have, of course, a huge variety of different needs and problems.
  • I am so pleased to have been able to work alongside several Romanian prime ministers, including the current Prime Minister, Mr Tariceanu, several presidents, including the current Head-of-State, President Basescu, as well as a huge variety of Members of Parliament.
  • whereas in reality the development of urban areas has resulted in a huge variety of different types of road which makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to attempt to deal with them in a uniform manner;
  • European cutlery industry professionals are asking for cutlery products, which involve a huge variety of artisanal skills, to be listed in the annex to the proposal for a regulation.
  • The resulting tuning and tweaking of a fetus' brain and other organs are part of what give us humans our enormous flexibility, our ability to thrive in a huge variety of environments, from the country to the city, from the tundra to the desert.


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