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i see vs I get it

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

i see is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

i see

6,800,000,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Enjoying your new toy, i see.
  • You don't know what i see, nicholas.
  • i see, sir, who's your regular?
  • I see why employers are reluctant to hire ex-cons.
  • He writes, "i see from your profile"that you are a member
  • I see you brought your girlfriend for support.
  • You included Victor Nieves, i see.
  • Just blatantly practicing magic, i see.
  • We booked mainly because of all the great reviews and after being back home, i see all the 5 starts are fully justified.
  • This is what i see even here at the Rimini Meeting, a friendship that generates a great cultural event.
  • i see a string of yellow Italian Christmas
  • I love what i see and read here, just not technically able to implement.
  • Bloom is off the rose, i see.
  • You're going to excercise, i see.
  • But for once i'm optimist and i see the Skype operations as a new impulse in the implementation of open source technologies.
  • Like i see through the water that runs down my drain
  • If reality is what i see newspapers magazines tv
  • and i see her hearing no stave
  • I am not alone, on the sand i see the signs of the passage of three other motorcycles.
  • Things that i see, read, hear or experience not only personally but to my friends and band mates etc...

I get it

223,000,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • I get it, Dr. Saroyan.
  • I get it, he was eating a clown.
  • Your shoes squeak, I get it.
  • Before you say anything, I get it.
  • I get it, honey, believe me.
  • Believe me, I... I get it.
  • I get it if you need some space.
  • You're his sister. I get it.
  • Bloody Mary, shadows have power, I get it.
  • For the record, I get it.
  • But then, I get it, Weintraub...
  • Hypoxia, the Hermes, everything - I get it.
  • Look, Marcus, I get it.
  • Look, Casey, I get it.
  • Look, Toph, I get it.
  • Alright look, I get it.
  • I get it, you had an instinct about this guy and...
  • And as a parent, I get it.
  • For your family. I get it.
  • Trust me, Prentiss, I get it.


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