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it will be greatly appreciated vs it will be much appreciated

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

it will be greatly appreciated is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

it will be greatly appreciated

156,000,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • it will be greatly appreciated
  • This is not a new problem, but it will be greatly enhanced in the enlarged Europe of up to 27 Member States.
  • I call on all sides to show goodwill in this endeavour, as it will be greatly needed if we are to finalise the deal for this year.
  • It will not only be magnified, but it will be greatly distorted so that the illusions we still carry become illusions of illusions.
  • It will be greatly to your advantage.
  • I actually own versions of the anime in all these languages but Portoguese and Finnish... so if any of you should actually own the series in such languages, please contact me: it will be greatly appreciated.
  • In case of lack of internet connection it will be greatly useful to call the tall-free number 800555 (+9712666 4442).
  • Once the funds are ready the film will be shot and its impact will be greatly and widely acknowledged and it should have wide coverage in Nigeria and abroad since home video production grows at a steady pace in our country Father Felix concludes.
  • The dynamic social climate, which involves Alternative libertarian, would be this space, but it will need to be greatly strengthened, especially by libertarians to afford to actually exist.
  • If that list of exemptions, or something close to it, can be sustained over the next few weeks and months I am confident that this directive can be what we all expect and hope it will be, and be greatly to the benefit of the consumer.
  • It will thus be possible to greatly improve administrative cooperation and prevent the emergence of conflicts and the frequent recourse to jurisdictional dispute settlement.
  • Capital accumulation and innovation could be greatly increased by this measure.
  • Transformer short circuit capacity can be greatly improved.
  • Your help will be greatly Buffy must fight alone.
  • I would be greatly obliged to your lordship.
  • I'd be greatly disappointed if it were anything else.
  • The house of Sheikh Riyadh will be greatly honored.
  • That picture is my finest work and it'd be greatly appreciated...
  • Anything you can do to not succeed would be greatly appreciated.
  • A bond which could be greatly amplified... by a drug like Cortexiphan.
  • Any thoughts you have will be greatly appreciated.

it will be much appreciated

376,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Any information I can give them ahead of time will be much appreciated.
  • Any help you could provide would be much appreciated.
  • But a 10% kiss would be much appreciated.
  • A noble gesture, to be much appreciated.
  • A Noble gesture, to be much appreciated.
  • As 1 July is imminent, a prompt reply would be much appreciated.
  • It would be much appreciated if you could reply to these questions.
  • A courageously straight answer from the Commissioner and the Minister is expected and will be much appreciated and very helpful to us.
  • Mrs. Staunton, it would be much appreciated if you could join us for tea.
  • Thank you, Miss Lane, that would be much appreciated.
  • If you could stand as still as possible, that would be much appreciated.
  • Your opinion on this would be much appreciated, and I thank you for your attention.
  • The work of both those entities is very often interlinked, and their smooth cooperation is to be much appreciated and praised.
  • Again, your continued help on this, along with that of the US Congress, would be much appreciated.
  • A reply would therefore be much appreciated.
  • Your kindness in this emergency is much appreciated.
  • Sister Livesey, you're very much appreciated.
  • I very much appreciated his forward-thinking views.
  • But your candour is much appreciated, sir.
  • Thanks, old boy, much appreciated.


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