Location: Los Angeles, USA
Home country: Los Angeles, USA
Native language: Farsi
TextRanch user since: January 20, 2017



As a photographer and filmmaker, Reza knows that clear communication with his clients, collaborators, and models is the best way to make sure a project runs smoothly. Although Reza speaks English fluently, he trusts TextRanch to perfect and polish his English writing so that his emails are as professional as his photography.

Reza appreciates getting notes about his writing to explain some of the details about the revisions to his text. He's been learning from carefully reviewing the notes so that he can avoid making the same mistakes twice.

He loves TextRanch’s quick service and reasonable prices, and he knows that the customer service team is amazingly responsive and really cares about the client. He is always impressed to see that the site is always improving with new features.

وبسايت تكست رنچ بهترين و مطمئن ترين سرويسى است كه من تا به حال براى اديت نامه هاى انگليسى زبان ام استفاده كرده ام

"TextRanch is the best and most reliable service I have ever used for my English language edits."

— Reza

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