Social Media Manager

Location: South Africa
Home country: South Africa
Native language: Afrikaans
TextRanch user since: November 21, 2017

Marelise does a LOT of writing! As a social media manager, she writes many posts every day and must also communicate clearly with her colleagues. She cannot afford to have any grammar or spelling errors in her writing, so she trusts TextRanch to help her get the job done.

Because TextRanch employs real, human editors to do the revisions, Marelise knows that the editors will understand what she means and that they will adjust the language from formal to casual as needed. She appreciates the fast and professional service she receives, but even more than that, she loves that the editors will leave personalized feedback messages with her revisions.

Best of all, Marelise has discovered that her English skills are improving because she learns from seeing the errors clearly highlighted when she reviews her revisions.

"Ek is mal oor TextRanch, hulle is die beste en kan nie vir beter vra nie!"

"I love TextRanch, they are the best and you could not ask for better!"

— Marelise

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