Chiara Baesso


Location: Italy
Home country: Italy
Native language: Italian
TextRanch user since: November 24, 2016

Chiara first started using TextRanch as a tool when she was beginning to learn English. By studying the corrections the English experts made, she started to understand some of the areas she needed to improve.

As an Italian copywriter, Chiara occasionally needs to translate her text into English. When she does these translations, TextRanch plays a crucial role in helping her be confident that her text is error-free.

She loves being able to leave a note for her editor so that she can explain exactly what she needs. Chiara uses the Advanced Editing service to make sure that her translations are fluid and using typical English expressions.

"Grazie TextRanch per avermi salvato dall'inviare testi molto ambigui!"

"Thanks TextRanch for saving me from sending very ambiguous texts!"

— Chiara

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