Location: Seoul, South Korea
Home country: Seoul, South Korea
Native language: Korean
TextRanch user since: June 16, 2017



Alan is studying both nursing and advanced English. He’s been learning English for more than 15 years, but because he dreams of moving to Canada, he now spends a lot of time studying for the IELTS.

At first he found it difficult to make progress with his studying because he didn’t have anyone to check his English homework. Once he discovered TextRanch, he realized it was a perfect solution and now he submits text to be checked almost every day!

Alan loves getting comments from the TextRanch editors, because that helps him understand why his original text was incorrect and often teaches him useful tips and tricks to improve his English skills. In fact, thanks to TextRanch (and lots of dedication), Alan scored above 950 on the TOEIC!

"만약 영어 때문에 고민하시고 있다면, 전 텍스트랜치를 꼭 추천하고 싶어요 ^^"

"If you are worried about English, I would recommend using TextRanch :)"

— Alan

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