Which is correct:
"this looks great" or "this looks great but I have"?

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this looks great

This phrase is correct and commonly used in English to express a positive opinion about something that appears impressive or attractive.

This phrase is used to convey approval or satisfaction with the appearance or quality of something. It can be used in various contexts, such as when reviewing a design, a meal, or any other visually appealing item.


  • I just finished decorating the room, and I think this looks great!
  • The new restaurant in town has a fantastic ambiance; this looks great.
  • After the renovation, the house looks great.
  • This outfit looks great on you.
  • The presentation slides look great; good job!

this looks great but I have

This phrase is not correct as it is incomplete and lacks a continuation or context. It does not form a coherent sentence in English.

The two phrases are not directly comparable as they are incomplete and have different structures. The first phrase 'this looks great' is a complete sentence expressing a positive opinion about something. The second phrase 'this looks great but I have' seems to be incomplete and lacks a continuation or context. It's important to provide more information to make it a complete and meaningful sentence.

Last updated: March 08, 2024

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