Which is correct:
"sounds great " or "His sounds really great"?

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sounds great

This phrase is correct and commonly used in English to express approval or agreement.

This phrase is used to show enthusiasm, agreement, or approval for something. It is a casual and positive way to respond to a suggestion, idea, or plan.


  • A: Do you want to go to the movies tonight? B: Sounds great!
  • The new restaurant in town sounds great. Let's try it out.
  • Your plan for the party sounds great. I'm in!
  • Sounds great, I'll see you there at 7.
  • Sounds great, I'll get started on it right away.

His sounds really great

This phrase is correct and can be used to express high approval for something that belongs to someone.

This phrase is used to express admiration or approval for something that belongs to a specific person. It emphasizes the ownership of the thing being praised.


  • His new car sounds really great. I'm happy for him.
  • Her idea for the project sounds really great. She's very creative.
  • His performance in the play sounds really great. He's a talented actor.
  • His cooking skills sound really great. I can't wait to taste his dishes.
  • His choice of music sounds really great. He has excellent taste.
The phrases "sounds great" and "his sounds really great" are not directly comparable as they serve different purposes. "Sounds great" is a common expression used to show approval or agreement, while "his sounds really great" is a more specific statement referring to something belonging to someone and expressing a high level of approval. Both phrases are correct in their respective contexts.

Last updated: March 15, 2024

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