Which is correct:
"make sure to arrange" or "make sure arranging"?

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make sure to arrange

This phrase is correct and commonly used in English when giving an instruction or command.

This phrase is used to instruct someone to ensure that something is arranged properly. It is a common way to emphasize the importance of arranging things correctly.


  • Make sure to arrange the chairs in a circle for the meeting.
  • Please make sure to arrange the documents in alphabetical order.
  • Make sure to arrange transportation for the guests.
  • I will make sure to arrange a meeting with the client.
  • She always makes sure to arrange everything perfectly.


  • Ensure that you arrange
  • Be sure to arrange
  • Make certain to arrange
  • See to it that you arrange
  • Don't forget to arrange

make sure arranging

This phrase is correct and can be used to emphasize the importance of arranging something.

This phrase is used to stress the significance of arranging something. It is a way to highlight the action of arranging as crucial or essential.


  • Make sure arranging the seating plan is done before the event.
  • Please make sure arranging the schedule is your top priority.
  • Make sure arranging the details is completed by tomorrow.
  • I will make sure arranging the decorations is taken care of.
  • She always makes sure arranging everything meticulously.


  • Ensure that arranging
  • Be sure arranging
  • Make certain arranging
  • See to it that arranging
  • Don't forget arranging
Both phrases are correct, but they are used in different contexts. 'Make sure to arrange' is used when giving an instruction or command, while 'make sure arranging' is used when emphasizing the importance of arranging something. They are not directly comparable as they serve different purposes.

Last updated: March 15, 2024

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