Which is correct:
"jenga" or "trouble"?

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487,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • It's the classic block-stacking, stack-crashing game of JENGA! How will you stack up against the law of gravity? Stack the wooden blocks in a sturdy tower, then ...
  • Jenga is a game of physical and mental skill created by Leslie Scott, and currently marketed by Parker Brothers, a division of Hasbro. During the game, players ...
  • Classic Jenga now in an easy "put away" package for easy clean up; This is one game that children and adults can play together, has no learning curve and ...
  • The classic Jenga wood game will challenge players' mental and physical skill. Players have to stack wooden blocks vertically until they form a tower. Then ...


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794,000,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Captain Weaver is in serious medical trouble.
  • Even a moment of carelessness may mean trouble.
  • Virgil has the usual trouble finding work.
  • I had trouble understanding the sentence myself.
  • Conflict between partners and family members can trouble many homes.
  • Our new agent has a little engine trouble.
  • Follow these 10 common sense suggestions to avoid email trouble.
  • The trouble is the rhetoric surrounding his proposals.
  • Now, you are my trouble.
  • I always liked your trouble, Vickie.
  • A trouble I gathered from your census.
  • Banning said he sometimes has trouble sleeping.
  • An unstable Empire could mean trouble for the quadrant.
  • Your father's in real trouble.
  • No reason to make more trouble.
  • I perfectly understand his trouble and concern regarding artistic creation.
  • The metalmachine had trouble identifying your species.
  • No wonder you had such trouble.
  • He never mentioned trouble at work.
  • Our captain always getting into trouble.
A complete search of the internet has found that "trouble" is the most popular phrase on the web.

Last updated: August 02, 2019

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