Which is correct:
"it should be ok" or "it should be fine"?

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it should be ok

This phrase is correct.

In formal writing, you can either write "OK" in capital letters (OK), or you can write out the word "okay."

In informal settings, like text messages, writing "ok" in lowercase is generally acceptable.

Some examples from our editors:

  • I think it should be OK, but please check with him first.
  • The new design should be OK with our manager.
  • It should be OK, but I need to ask my wife before I agree to buy the car.

Some alternatives from our editors:

  • It should be fine.
  • It should be okay.

it should be fine

This phrase is correct.

If something will probably be approved, then you might say that "it should be fine."

Some examples from our editors:

  • He isn't a vegetarian, so if we go to the steakhouse, it should be fine with him.
  • It should be fine with her if we leave early. I don't think she'll mind.
  • I don't know if this schedule will definitely be approved, but I think it should be fine with our boss.

Some alternatives from our editors:

  • it should be OK
  • it will probably be fine
"It should be fine" and "it should be OK" are two ways to say that you think something will be acceptable to others.
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Last updated: March 20, 2019

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