Which is correct:
"in the show" or "on the show"?

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in the show

This phrase is correct and commonly used when referring to events or situations that occur within the context of the show.

Use 'in the show' when talking about specific events, characters, or storylines that are part of the show itself. It indicates that something is happening within the boundaries of the show.


  • The main character in the show is very charismatic.
  • There was a surprising plot twist in the show last night.
  • The humor in the show is quite clever.
  • The chemistry between the actors in the show is amazing.
  • The music used in the show sets the perfect mood.


  • within the show
  • part of the show
  • featured in the show
  • during the show
  • as seen in the show

on the show

This phrase is correct and commonly used when referring to appearances or performances by individuals or elements that are part of the show.

Use 'on the show' when talking about guests, actors, musicians, or other entities that make an appearance or contribute to the show. It indicates that someone or something is physically present or involved in the show.


  • We had a special guest on the show last week.
  • The band will be performing on the show tonight.
  • The expert shared some valuable insights on the show.
  • The actress made a memorable appearance on the show.
  • The comedian's jokes on the show were hilarious.


  • appearing on the show
  • performing on the show
  • featured on the show
  • participating on the show
  • contributing to the show
Both 'in the show' and 'on the show' are correct and commonly used phrases in English. The choice between them depends on the context and what aspect of the show you are referring to.

Last updated: March 11, 2024

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