Which is correct:
"i m great" or "you are also great "?

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i m great

This phrase is correct when used to express self-confidence or satisfaction about oneself.

This phrase is commonly used to convey a positive feeling about oneself. It is a simple and direct way to express self-assurance.


  • A: How are you feeling today? B: I'm great, thanks for asking!
  • Despite the challenges, I feel great about my progress.
  • I'm great at problem-solving.
  • Even on a bad day, I remind myself that I'm great.
  • When someone compliments you, it's okay to respond with 'I'm great, thank you.'

you are also great

This phrase is correct when used to compliment someone else.

This phrase is used to praise or compliment someone, acknowledging their positive qualities or actions. It is a way to show appreciation and boost someone's confidence.


  • You are also great at playing the piano!
  • After seeing her presentation, I told her, 'You are also great at public speaking.'
  • When someone helps you, you can say, 'You are also great, thank you.'
  • In a team setting, acknowledging others by saying 'You are also great' can foster a positive atmosphere.
  • When a friend achieves something, you can say, 'You are also great at what you do.'
These two phrases are not directly comparable as they refer to different subjects. 'I'm great' is used to express self-confidence or satisfaction about oneself, while 'you are also great' is used to compliment someone else. Both phrases are correct in their respective contexts.

Last updated: March 20, 2024

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