Which is correct:
"her/is" or "her/his"?

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This phrase is not correct in English and seems to be a typo or incomplete construction.

This phrase does not make sense and is not used in English. It should be revised or completed to convey a clear meaning.


This phrase is correct and commonly used in English to indicate possession by both a female and a male.

Use "her/his" when you want to show that something belongs to both a female and a male. It is a gender-inclusive way of expressing possession.


  • This is her/his book.
  • The project was completed by her/his team.
  • The students raised their hands to ask her/his questions.
  • The company values her/his input.
  • The dog wagged her/his tail happily.
The phrases "her/is" and "her/his" are not directly comparable as they serve different purposes. "Her/is" seems to be a typo or incomplete phrase, while "her/his" is used to indicate possession by both a female and a male. Therefore, the correct choice would depend on the context in which you want to express possession.

Last updated: March 27, 2024

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