Which is correct:
"got to learn many things" or "It was a great experience , learned many thing"?

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got to learn many things

This phrase is correct and commonly used in informal contexts to express the experience of learning many things.

This phrase is used to convey the idea of having the opportunity to learn a lot of things from a particular experience. It is informal and direct.


  • I got to learn many things during my internship.
  • She got to learn many things about different cultures while traveling.
  • We got to learn many things from the workshop.


  • learned a lot of things
  • acquired a wealth of knowledge
  • picked up many new skills

It was a great experience , learned many thing

This phrase is not correct due to a grammatical error. 'thing' should be plural to match 'many'.


  • it was a great experience, learned many things
  • it was a wonderful experience, learned a lot
  • the experience was fantastic, learned a great deal
Both phrases convey the idea of learning many things from an experience, but they have different structures and nuances. The first phrase 'got to learn many things' is more direct and informal, while the second phrase 'it was a great experience, learned many things' is a bit more formal and structured. Both are correct depending on the context and style you want to convey.

Last updated: March 11, 2024

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