Which is correct:
"gave initially the " or "gave the best optimized results"?

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gave initially the

This phrase is not correct in English. The word order is incorrect, and it does not form a complete or clear sentence.

This phrase should be revised to have the correct word order, such as 'initially gave the', depending on the context in which it is used.


  • initially gave the
  • gave the item initially
  • initially provided the
  • initially handed over the
  • initially presented the

gave the best optimized results

This phrase is correct in English and can be used to describe the outcome of a process or action that resulted in the best optimized results.

This phrase is suitable for contexts where you want to emphasize that the results achieved were the best possible after optimization.


  • The new software update gave the best optimized results.
  • The team's efforts gave the best optimized results in record time.
  • Her strategic planning gave the best optimized results for the project.
  • The marketing campaign gave the best optimized results for the product launch.
  • The research study gave the best optimized results for data analysis.
These two phrases are not directly comparable as they serve different purposes. The first phrase seems to be part of a larger sentence where the action of giving something is being described, while the second phrase is a complete sentence describing the outcome of giving something. Therefore, they are not interchangeable.

Last updated: March 17, 2024

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