Which is correct:
"Do you have any update?" or "just back from holidays"?

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Do you have any update?

This phrase is correct and commonly used to inquire about new information or progress on a particular matter.

This phrase is used to ask if there are any new developments or information available on a specific topic. It is commonly used in professional settings or when following up on a previous conversation.

just back from holidays

This phrase is correct and can be used to inform others that you have recently returned from a vacation or time off.

This phrase is typically used to let people know that you have returned from a holiday or vacation. It is a casual way to mention your absence and reconnect with others.
The two phrases provided are not comparable as they are unrelated. The first phrase is a question asking for an update, while the second phrase seems to be a statement about returning from holidays. They serve different purposes and cannot be directly compared.

Last updated: March 15, 2024

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