Which is correct:
"Do you have any update?" or "I am just back from holiday"?

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Do you have any update?

This phrase is correct and commonly used in English to ask if there is any new information available.

This phrase is used to inquire if there are any recent developments or new information on a particular topic. It is commonly used in professional settings or when seeking updates from someone.

Some examples from our editors:

  • Do you have any update on the project?
  • I'm waiting for an update from the team.
  • She asked if there was any update on the situation.
  • Any update on the meeting schedule?
  • Please let me know if there are any updates.

I am just back from holiday

This phrase is correct and commonly used in English to inform others that you have recently returned from a holiday.

This phrase is used to let others know that you have returned from a vacation or holiday. It is a casual way to share this information in conversation.


  • I am just back from holiday, feeling refreshed.
  • She mentioned that she was back from holiday.
  • I'm back from holiday and ready to get back to work.
  • He's just back from holiday and already planning the next one.
  • We are back from holiday and had a great time.
The two phrases provided are not comparable as they are unrelated. The first phrase is a question inquiring about new information, while the second phrase is a statement about returning from a holiday. They serve different purposes and cannot be directly compared for correctness.

Last updated: March 15, 2024

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