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increase knowledge vs transform so i would

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

increase knowledge is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

increase knowledge

5,080,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • That the safety database of Exjade is limited and physicians are encouraged to enrol patients in a surveillance programme (sentinel site monitoring and paediatric registry) to increase knowledge about the incidence of important ADRs.
  • That the safety database of Thelin is limited and physicians are encouraged to enrol patients in a surveillance programme to increase knowledge about the incidence of important adverse drug reactions (ADRs).
  • We increase knowledge about the marine habitat and water.
  • CONTExt Digital innovation represents an opportunity and a challenge to overcome remaining obstacles and increase knowledge on sustainable development.
  • The EESC believes that a forum bringing together metropolitan areas and the Commission could promote polycentrism and increase knowledge of these areas.
  • To increase knowledge and understanding of EU integration, EU policies, and European Institutions.
  • Ideally, we need comprehensive public investment programmes strategically designed so as to strengthen demand both for products and services from the private market and for training, research and other such things that increase knowledge.
  • The goal is to increase knowledge of the team's responsibilities and the resources available to support it.
  • The MEP who hosted the event, French Socialist Catherine Guy-Quint called it an important opportunity to "increase knowledge... on the positive contribution of enhanced wood use to both sustainable development and tackling climate change".
  • I therefore think that this initiative could lead to closer ties between European citizens and increase knowledge of European heritage and the common values that we all share, making Europe a truly diverse union.
  • Calls on the Commission to create programmes to increase knowledge and experience among teachers of physical education in the field of development through sport;
  • The importance of the trip is also connected to the theme of the Good Friday collection, so as to increase knowledge about the Holy Land, so that support for it may increase.
  • The International Day provides an opportunity to promote awareness of issues relating to families and to increase knowledge of the social, economic and demographic processes affecting families.
  • But this is not enough... we must find ways to 'Raise awareness', and here I come to the third chapter - the most important action is to increase knowledge in order to break down the barriers.
  • Perhaps that is impossible to implement in practice, but a first step should be to increase knowledge both of the carbon content of everything we buy and of the carbon emitted by our forms of transport.
  • The Euro-Histio-Net project has been created to co-ordinate efforts to increase knowledge of the disease, improve quantity and quality of knowledge exchanges, produce guidelines and to set up an international data base to assist research efforts.
  • Notes the need to assess the co-morbidity of elderly people and the need for the training of healthcare personnel to increase knowledge about the needs of the elderly with mental health problems;
  • By providing a set of dissemination activities to increase knowledge and information about education for seniors and quality of life, through research and valorisation activities in academia, decision-making bodies and other institutions and networks
  • Increase knowledge on the diagnosis through research.
  • Increase knowledge and awareness of youth workers and youth leaders of health issues,

transform so i would

3 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Yes, but there's a big visual glitch in multiplayer (you can't see other players transform), so I would strongly advise only using it for singleplayer ...
  • As I said above, reopening the css file from the Siteground server shows no text- transform, so I would be surprised if anything funny happened at that end.
  • A little on the difficult side to transform so I would recomend it for children over 9. It is very durable. Read more. Published on September 5, 2011 by DarkusLord.


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