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come up with ideas vs think up ideas

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

come up with ideas is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

come up with ideas

4,170,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • A great way to come up with ideas is to start looking at what your needs and wants are. People often want to come up with the “Next Big Thing”, ...
  • How to come up with ideas. By Michael Johnson. ( Computer Arts ). published September 19, 2019. Michael Johnson shares his personal techniques for coming up ...
  • Jan 20, 2022 ... Innovative people, at the individual level, can come up with ideas that can improve their lives and change their environment.
  • I was able to carry on with this exercise by being disciplined. Eventually I was able to come up with ideas at will. I explain it to my wife like this: It's as ...
  • The most obvious way to come up with ideas for stories is to look at writing prompts. They're everywhere. Google and you'll find lists and lists and more ...
  • Nov 12, 2017 ... Other techniques to get unstuck. If you're struggling to come up with ideas, try these methods: SCAMPER—take an idea and transform it over and ...
  • Mar 12, 2021 ... Justin Ith and I will discuss "How do you come up with ideas?" via Clubhouse @lsusr at 7pm Pacific Time on March 15th, 2021.
  • Jul 28, 2022 ... Team brainstorming: how to come up with ideas (brainstorming examples included) · Why brainstorm · When and where to brainstorm (and ideas for ...

think up ideas

60,200 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • With Halloween right around the corner, you might be starting to think up ideas for makeup looks to go with your costume. Many beauty lovers.
  • Apr 13, 2021 ... ... as with most school assignments, you can always call on some friends to help you think up ideas for your “blind spots.”.
  • Nov 1, 2012 - Thanks for the idea Pinterest! Made a butterfly costume for my 4 year old. Can't always think up ideas but I can copy things.
  • Apr 21, 2017 ... Don't drive yourself crazy trying to think up ideas. Avoid sitting for hours on end, waiting for something to come to you.
  • Most research suggests that—compared to when several people think up ideas independently—when people work together and brainstorm as a group they tend to have ...
  • It's a win-win, and all you have to do is think up ideas and write! Okay, you say. More complicated than it sounds. How do I come up with a new idea every ...
  • Trying to think up ideas of what I can put in these mini graham cracker crusts. So cute!! Spotted by all the baking items . . . #aldisbuys #aldisus...


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