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encouraged by vs As encouraged by

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encouraged by is the most popular phrase on the web.

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encouraged by

22,200,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • I do feel greatly encouraged by this conversation.
  • A lowly postman might be encouraged by such a thought.
  • Durham soon became a site of pilgrimage, encouraged by the growing cult of Saint Cuthbert.
  • He was encouraged by his mother to distract himself with harem girls.
  • After being encouraged by Immanuel Kant, Reichardt later studied Jurisprudence and Philosophy in his hometown and in Leipzig from 1769 to 1771.
  • Since 1900, trade unionism is the extent, encouraged by strikes, often victorious.
  • Trained as a civil engineer, he started writing encouraged by Borges and others.
  • I was very encouraged by this experience.

As encouraged by

258,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Clearly, global competition, as encouraged by the WTO, is the main reason for the widespread impoverishment and lack of dynamism of Europe.
  • In particular, the programme does not envisage significant progress in healthcare reform, as encouraged by the Council in its recommendation.
  • These are only the major examples of common standards among the 27 Member States, as encouraged by this initiative, and are the basis of my vote for it.
  • The road taken by humankind must be one of disarmament and not the relaunch of the arms race, as encouraged by this proposal for a directive.
  • Financial assistance must support the population and must support the reforms which the country has to implement, as encouraged by the Union.
  • In such context Community Schools contribute to achieve quality primary education as encouraged by the Universal Human Rights first Community school was established in Zambia in 1982, in order to meet vulnerable children's needs (poor, orphans, girls, and children of illiterate parents).
  • Stratasys Q1 in line with expectations as company encouraged by industry focus
  • It was also submitted that the scheme is totally irrelevant to enterprises and industries classified as encouraged but by definition applies to all resident companies.

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