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these times are vs these times is

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these times are is the most popular phrase on the web.

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these times are

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  • But be sure to check, as these times are liable to alteration.
  • Live each moment carefully, for I affirm to you that these times are decisive.
  • My School, but these times are bitter and cold.
  • Is your mind in turmoil, as these times are such that it would be easy to become enmeshed in all of the problems around you?
  • 95:2.6 (1044.5) The superstitions of these times are well illustrated by the general belief in the efficacy of spittle as a healing agent, an idea which had its origin in Egypt and spread therefrom to Arabia and Mesopotamia.
  • The sedimentations of these times are variegated, consisting of chalk, shale, sandstone, and small amounts of limestone, together with inferior coal or lignite, and in many regions they contain oil.
  • Dear Ones, we know these times are very frustrating for you, and we are doing all we can to ease your circumstances.
  • Breakfast is served between 08

these times is

1,500,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Due to the nature of time changes, as we measure it, have always been very long: the contraction of these times is another pole on which it would be interesting to discuss.
  • The law of this age is the physical survival of the fittest; the government of these times is wholly tribal.
  • Another sought
  • after product in these times is sleeping pills.
  • These times is different, Francis.
  • One of these times is now approaching.
  • Traveling around the world in these times is not easy.
  • Or rather, based on the modern interpretation of such beliefs; our knowledge of these times is very limited.

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