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all the records have vs all the records has

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all the records have is the most popular phrase on the web.

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all the records have

1,080,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • all the records have
  • It's difficult too say which one is my favorite, as all the records have had a time and place in my evolution as well as in my heart.
  • All the records you have on my dad's confidential informants.
  • A peculiarity to remark is that all the record laps have come very close to the absolute best lap of the event, signed by the pole position authors, however nobody has managed to get down to that limit.
  • After all the records you have worked on, do you find it easier or more difficult to make a new album?
  • Do you know what, I think it's possible that all the truly great records have been made anyway.
  • This is all off the record until we have a signed deal.
  • On the other hand

all the records has

213,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • all the records has
  • The man with all the records, who has no rivals when it comes to the number of appearances and goals, is Francesco Totti: 501 appearances with 215 goals scored.
  • My team's done an extensive review of all the company records Parsons has requested.
  • First of all Sardinia has the record of having made born the first great culture of the western Mediterranean. From the different prehistoric cultures, sees his birth around 1.500 b.C the nuragic civilization.
  • Bowman has made over 180 recordings with all the major record labels and has also worked with many leading conductors including Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Frans Brüggen, Christopher Hogwood, John Eliot Gardiner, Roger Norrington, and Gustav Leonhardt.
  • All the records were for him.
  • They keep all the records in the basement.
  • I'm sensing that all the records of his arrests are gone.

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