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refinement for vs refinement on

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refinement for is the most popular phrase on the web.

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refinement for

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Some examples from the web:

  • Read more ELEGANCE
  • Luxury and refinement for a holiday throughout Relaxation Dammuso for rent in Pantelleria.
  • Luxury and refinement for a holiday throughout Relaxation
  • After the firsts decants the wine is left for 11 months inside inox tubes, after the first filtration we start bottling the wine, to which follows a refinement for 6 months before the marketing.
  • Aging: Refinement for over a year in various types of wooden barrels
  • The maturation of 18 months in new French oak barrels, followed by a further refinement for another 6 months in the bottle.
  • Refinement for 18 months takes place in barriques.

refinement on

749,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Nebbiolo d'Alba, thanks to vinification in purity and refinement on fine lees, shows the elegant proportions typical of this variety.
  • Thanks to a prolonged period of refinement on the lees at the end of the fermentation process, its organoleptic characteristics are particularly noteworthy.
  • Vinification and refinement: vinification in stainless steel tanks with extended fermentation of at least 15 days at low temperatures (16
  • 17ºC) with short cold maceration, long refinement on fine lees in order to increase complexity and aromas
  • Refinement Refinement on the fine lees with batonnage for 3 months in steel and refining in the bottle for over 3 months
  • Soft and warm, it will keep you company with style and refinement on the coldest days of the season.
  • For this purpose we must, in the beginning of the learning, undergo the process of refinement on the physical plane, abandoning that coarseness in which most people live.

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