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Our eyes were blurred vs had a veil before our eyes

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Our eyes were blurred is the most popular phrase on the web.

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Our eyes were blurred

5,490 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Our eyes were blurred
  • This medicine may cause dry eyes and blurred vision.
  • Eye disorders Uncommon: blurred vision, visual disturbance.
  • Visual disturbance Ocular hyperaemia Abnormal sensation in eye Photopsia Blurred vision Visual acuity reduced
  • Inflammation of the cornea causing watery painful eyes and blurred vision (keratitis)
  • A kelp falling from the eyes of a blurred face.
  • Other symptoms of eye cancer include:
  • Flashing lights, floating spots, distorted vision, changes in eye movement

had a veil before our eyes

2 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • had a veil before our eyes
  • like a veil before my eyes.
  • I was told that if a girl looks at herself in the mirror wearing a veil before the morning of her marriage, then her husband would die on their wedding day.
  • For the grave is just a veil before the crowd of heavens.
  • And it was in this room, too, that her father had kissed her... through her wedding veil before they motored to Grace Church.
  • According to Jewish tradition, there were, indeed, two Veils before the entrance to the Most Holy Place. [a Yoma v.]
  • It is possible that the notion of penance which was suggested by the rite of Ash Wednesday was was reinforced by the figurative exclusion from the sacred mysteries symbolized by the hanging of the Lenten veil before the sanctuary.
  • Darkness always veils the horizon before the dawn.

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