Which English form is more popular:
"I have sent you an email" or "I have send you an email" ?

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    I have sent you an email.

    Send means you are going to do something. Sent is the past tense, meaning you have already done it.

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    Always capitalize the work "I", it refers to a person making it a proper noun.

I have sent you an email

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  • Examples from the web:
  • I have sent you all an bail
  • initially in German, but the English and French versions will follow
  • in which I make a statbent in this regard, and I will also duly reject the accusation.
  • Anyway, I have sent an bail telling everyone that we have class today and I would like you to attend.
  • I sent you an bail, Dr. Rosen.
  • Jay Carney or someone's office would have sent us an bail saying reportable.
  • You should know I sent you an bail.
  • Admissions sent an bail confirmation, and it's just orientation.

I have send you an email

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  • Examples from the web:
  • Therefor I have send you an bail on 2015
  • 06
  • 09 and ask for help but do not get an answer :
  • ( The problb is that I do not understand italian language.
  • @Gennady, i have send you an bail with subject "Zero
  • day in Fancybox
  • for
  • WordPress plugin". Stephen Mbber Posted 10 months ago #. @kanenas is your  ...

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