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for your advice vs Please advise

Some examples from the web:

  • Thanks for your advice, sir.
  • Mr Cohn
  • Bendit, I am grateful for your advice.
  • Thank you for your advice, Captain.
  • ) Thanks also for your advice to keep dendrobiums on the dry side when not actively growing or blooming.
  • Thank you for your advice, Senior.
  • Thank you for your advice, Eli.
  • Thanks for your advice, Kevin.

Please advise

This is correct

This is a professional-sounding away to request information or to ask someone to provide information.

Explanation provided by a TextRanch English expert.

Some examples from the web:

  • Could the Commission please advise whether it has (or would) consider the extension of summertime hours as outlined in Directive 2000/84/EC OJ L 31, 2.2.2001, p.
  • Could you please advise me of all outstanding fines?
  • Please advise Captain Gregson we need detectives and additional units at Nemetz Oil Recycling in Port Morris.
  • Please advise Mr. Ares that his son in law...
  • Can the Commission please advise what sanctions would be applied should a Member State fail to achieve this target?
  • Can the Commission please advise if this opinion has already been completed or when it is due?
  • Could the Commission please advise me as to which Member States received funds from this budget line in 2010?
  • can the President please advise what other professions are similarly restricted because of conservation concerns and what, if any, compensation is available to such other professions?

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