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i have no choice vs there is no choice

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i have no choice

Some examples from the web:

  • I guess I have no choice.
  • TOLSTOY: You behave like this, I have no choice.
  • At any rate, I have no choice.
  • Anyway, I have no choice.
  • But if you say no, then I have no choice to call Mike and terminate your relationship.
  • I also realise that I have no choice.
  • Sorry to disturb your condolences But I have no choice.
  • Without an alibi, I have no choice.

there is no choice

Some examples from the web:

  • To move forward, there is no choice: debates and initiatives must increase to advance the unity of the anti
  • capitalist.
  • "But it's the crisis, there is no choice!"We repeat other colleagues.
  • When you're determined, there is no choice.
  • When the choice is fight or die, there is no choice.
  • If it comes to a choice between saving people's lives and revealing who I really am, there is no choice.
  • Aline, there is no choice here!
  • I know he is brother to you, but there is no choice.

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