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with a macroscopic approach vs with macroscopic approach

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with a macroscopic approach is the most popular phrase on the web.

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with a macroscopic approach

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  • It supplements the confocal images with a macroscopic image of the skin surface. The congruence of the images is especially helpful for skin cancer screening since this makes skin changes much easier to detect.
  • The emergence of quantum effects on a macroscopic level.
  • A macroscopic weld examination for each type of welding procedure shall be performed.
  • Anton Paar has pioneered the analysis of the zeta potential at the interface between a macroscopic solid sample and an aqueous solution.
  • Our devices are able to perform fast imagingon a macroscopic scale and at room temperature and have a practical demonstration of new technology made possible by the graphene.
  • Lastly, Quantum Mechanics says anything in relation to Newton's Second Law, except that it proposes a macroscopic approximation of reality due to its uncertainty principle.
  • I liked the idea of playing these waveforms on a macroscopic scale: ie, as rising and falling melodies instead of sustained tones in the audio range.
  • It occurred to me that knowing and not knowing can be achieved by creating a macroscopic example of quantum superposition.

with macroscopic approach

2,680 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Tough and wear
  • resistant
  • drilling concept with macroscopic gradient structure
  • Common Swift with macroscopic and/or palpation recognizable defects of
  • The development of investigation techniques involving nanomaterials and their characterisation makes possible a new approach to the problem of friction which may help to explain the basic processes involved, and thus allow the behaviour of mechanical systems to be predicted at the macroscopic level.

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