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duties included vs between duties

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duties included is the most popular phrase on the web.

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duties included

3,120,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • This is reinforced by the recognition that his duties included leadership of the team.
  • Part of his duties included assisting the field surgeon.
  • For the non
  • cooperating exporting producer, an estimate of the undercutting margin without anti
  • dumping and countervailing duties included was calculated at 12 %.
  • These duties included the shooting those unable to be taken to the gas chambers.
  • My duties included organizing croquet games, planning rooftop nature walks, and refereeing basketball games.
  • His duties included the making of treaties, the promotion of commerce and the protection of travellers.

between duties

188,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Therefore the potential difference between duties on raw materials applicable in the analogue country and the European Union is not relevant.
  • Globalization implies an interconnection between the various economic, juridical, fiscal, financial and social systems which crosses the boundaries of the world's States and Nations in such a way that it proves impossible to define a precise area for intervention or a clear separation between duties.
  • Why talk about the priority of duty? Isn't it enough to reaffirm the complementarity between duties and rights?
  • We make a perfectly clear distinction between duties relating to the protection of Federal borders and the duties of the police.(In other States, it is different.)
  • II: Asymmetry between Duties and Rights.
  • Learn the fundamental difference between Duties and Taxes when shipping worldwide and understand if you are always obliged to pay duties and taxes immediately.
  • The book written by Stefano Fontana tarts by analyzing the reasons of the failure of the season of rights and explains that this failure cannot be overcome by simply reaffirming the complementarity between duties and rights.
  • Is the Commission aware of cases in which employees of a firm or association split their working time between duties on behalf of the Commission and duties on behalf of their firm or association?

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