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items used by vs items use by

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items used by is the most popular phrase on the web.

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items used by

2,180,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • To break the monotony of the tones different items used by him appear and disappear: light bulbs, cigarette stubs, flies, all this is indispensable and it is all continually changed while he is creating.
  • The NONAM features artistic objects and everyday items used by these natives, from the typical feather jewelry seen in westerns to Inuit kayaks.
  • General export authorisations should not be given to items that can be used by governments to violate human rights or freedom of speech.
  • The collection "Economy" is made up of items which were substantially used by the local population in everyday traditional economic activities.
  • In fact, the truffle is one of the items used in the kitchen by Gioacchino Rossini, a grand gourmet in addition to being a great composer.
  • It is also a setback for those advocating for stricter control of items that are used by repressive regimes that break fundamental human rights such as freedom of speech or freedom to demonstrate.
  • The Sámi witch drum is today a popular tourist item, originally used by medicine men as a tool, along with the Sámi chant called the joik, to fall into a trance in order to reach a level of communication with the Spirits.
  • verification that incoming products, parts, materials, and equipment, including items supplied new or used by buyers of products, are as specified in the applicable design data;

items use by

43,500 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • The kit is a box containing 37 different items, for use by approximately 50 children up to six years of age.
  • However, it is appropriate to define the responsibilities of the Bureau also with regard to the administration of the appropriations entered in the budget under Item 3701 for use by non
  • attached Members.
  • Exports of dual
  • use items are restricted by a system of international, EU and national rules, which require EU firms to seek authorisation from the authorities.
  • A proposal has been made, therefore, to improve the system of export controls on dual
  • use items and technologies by monitoring exports of these products more closely.
  • (4) The current regime of export controls on dual

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