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Leveling off vs Leveling-off

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Leveling off

Some examples from the web:

  • Liquid in your inner ear gets disturbed, has trouble leveling off or something.
  • After leveling off at about 50 percent usage share late last year, Microsoft's Internet Explorer has been on an upward trend, thwarting early attempts to write the browser's obituary.
  • If you are diabetic and overweight, you need a good diabetic weight loss diet to not only control your weight but also deal with leveling off your blood sugar.
  • Blood pressure is leveling off.
  • Now we're at 15,000 feet and leveling off.
  • You should be at least leveling off by now.
  • China's growth, meanwhile, is leveling off at 7%, with other developing countries preparing for higher interest rates.
  • The audience for psychic shows is leveling off.


Some examples from the web:

  • It doesn't look like this phrase is very popular! The search could not find any examples on the internet.

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