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Make a venture vs Made a venture

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Make a venture is the most popular phrase on the web.

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Make a venture

3,310,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • The sunset dinner on the garden with the infectious happiness of Donatella will make it a worthwhile venture.
  • If you wish to extend the panoramic way and to make a little venture into nature, you can sideline to Praaberggaa in the direction Sennhütte. After a short climb of 100 meters asl. you can reach the old Sennhütte at 2210 meters asl.
  • The early success of Enron engendered a hubris among the Skilling group of executives that they could make any venture a success.
  • Mr President, at this hour of the night I should not venture to make a statement.
  • This makes venture capital investment in unquoted companies very attractive in the UK because by such IPOs AIM provides the VC firms with the exits they need.
  • In spite of all the positive aspects pointed out here by various Members, however, I would venture to make a criticism, an objection.
  • In order to make the venture more profitable we need to process the material in a volume that makes sense.
  • Some Greek ferry companies have been forced, as they claim, to make joint ventures and cut costs in order to survive, starting with the reduction of their commissions towards partner agencies.

Made a venture

1,160,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • However, excessive optimism and imagination made us venture a low
  • end SLR Fujifilm, we are still waiting, or even a camera equipped with three sensors, It seems that not just materialize.
  • The equity gap has been accentuated for early stage SMEs in recent years due to a marked shift in the types of investments made by venture capitalists.
  • Cooperation between three traditional Swiss business ventures has made that possible.
  • Since arriving here, I have made no attempt to venture beyond Roscoff, nor to act contrary to the interests of France.
  • The overriding political importance of this venture was made quite clear at Nice, when a road map setting out our objectives for the half year was devised.
  • For practicable reasons, no adjustments were made to the joint ventures' financial statements used in applying the equity method.
  • The tender also BGL/ Group sequoia and Services Integrated Unitecnic occurred, resulting finally winning the proposal made by the joint venture composed of TSA and Videoreport.

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