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in industry vs in practise

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in industry is the most popular phrase on the web.

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in industry

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  • Integrative design can also increase energy savings in industry.
  • In contrasts to what happens in industry, the establishment does not necessary depend on the same authority.
  • Structural change in industry seems to increase average labour productivity growth but to lower the employment rate.
  • Its borrowing to finance or refinance the debt was crowding out funds needed in industry.
  • This type of accelerometer is commonly used in industry.
  • The emergency plan is essential in industry and in organisations involved in potentially risky activities.
  • Besides an integrated approach to European industrial policy, investment decisions and innovation cycles in industry require a long
  • term legislative orientation.

in practise

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Some examples from the web:

  • In theory you can adapt the filter settings to any listening situation, but in practise this is a bit too complicated.
  • More than an extremely daring feat, this film is about a human story in which a great extreme skier, André Anzévui, in practise, fights against himself.
  • The transfer procedure shall run in practise as follows:
  • Even though the Commission in principle, may be correct, that the integration approach is the most effective in the long term, serious doubts exist as to whether this approach will work in practise.
  • If the Leninists were in any way honest they would recognise that in practise if not in theory that was their historical approach.
  • On this basis the Norwegian authorities have stated that 'Companies with an annual turnover or an annual balance sheet total corresponding to the ESA definition of medium
  • sized companies will in practise not receive support for unpaid labour' [32].
  • The implementation of ECODESIGN in practise is supported by the ECODESIGN PILOT. New features in version 3

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