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gently worn clothes vs gently-worn clothes

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gently worn clothes

Some examples from the web:

  • You haven't worn clothes for two days.
  • He had never worn clothes muscle, but it is one of their main costumes.
  • Never leave your worn clothes in the bedroom.
  • Excluded are chicken and other meats, tomatoes, onions, sugar, tobacco, beer, worn clothes, cement, malt, gasoline and cars.
  • Considering the forthcoming performance before "common people", the Boor took worn clothes, including the crushed boots and the soldier's overcoat which gave types remembering civil war.
  • Now, I had never worn clothes before, but through some primordial instinct, I... I knew how to put them on.
  • After a discussion with Mr. Barrow, Miss Minchin decides to keep Sara and make her work for the Seminary. Sara is given old, worn clothes and must sleep in an attic chamber next to Becky's room.
  • She does not know how long they were but she guess they ended up before the sun was up, and when she came out of the barn with worn clothes so she saw all that stood outside the stall and stared at her.

gently-worn clothes

Some examples from the web:

  • Clothes, clothes, ideas, clothes...
  • Clothes over clothes for all tastes and many shiny jewels.
  • The Clothes Stand is composed by four hooks for clothes.
  • Laundry area with washing clothes and more clothes spreader machine.
  • Cheap Pandora Clothes, wholesale Pandora Clothes, Discount Pandora Clothes
  • Cheap Pandora Clothes, wholesale Pandora Clothes, Discount Pandora Clothes
  • A retractable clothesline presents many of the advantages of drying your clothes indoors or outdoors. Fresh clothes are another advantage of line
  • drying clothes.

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