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have been taken place vs have occured

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

have been taken place is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

have been taken place

9,560,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • These General Conditions cancel and replace all communication that may have been taken place between the parties prior to the confirmation of the order summary related to the Service selected by the Customer.
  • In total, 13 league fixtures involving the Giallorossi have been taken place on 22 December, with six wins, two draws and five defeats for Roma, 16 goals scored and 11 conceded
  • To date no decisions have been taken to place any Member State or third country in a category based on the new provisions under Article 5.
  • In nearly the half of the cases (16 persons) the error has been taken place newly.
  • An increasing number of online discussions has been taken place in this network already despite pointing to a different network.
  • When enlargement has taken place, the Constitution will not yet be in effect, decisions will not have been taken on future financial frameworks, and the outgoing Commission will have taken the Council to court.
  • Recovery from past dumping has clearly not taken place.
  • Informal discussions have taken place in the EFTA surveillance authority.
  • Company specific information when rebuilds have taken place is considered confidential.
  • 21 unless this has taken place under controlled and validated aseptic conditions.
  • We know that major restructuring has taken place without information and consultation having taken place at all.
  • Mr President, the initial political decision on enlargement has already been taken and this has been reaffirmed in the debates and speeches that have taken place here today.
  • Preliminary testing with carbon dioxide filled air conditioning units has already been taken place and European as well as overseas car manufacturers are keen on using this new technology.
  • This has involved the modification of the strategies business and consequently an evolution of the field has been taken place with the time also acquires.
  • Many of you already experience it often without realizing it has taken place. It comes in the form of knowing something that has not yet been spoken or taken place.
  • Seveso and Bhopal are places where serious accidents have taken place.
  • Despite this very unsatisfactory result my group will vote in favour, because the decision has been taken and consultation has taken place and unfortunately there is nothing more to be done.
  • All the rest have taken place in their houses.
  • I think the acceptances have taken place.
  • The behaviour you speak of would never have taken place.

have occured

1,140,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • In the last several years headaches have occured almost daily.
  • A problem that would not have occured if there had been an "international" safeguard.
  • Think of what could have occured to you!
  • However, we cannot exclude the accidental presence of other allergens in our products, in additional to those stated, whose presence may have occured during manufacturing or handling of the product.
  • Only 'leaching' that may have occured is by the rain we had. I have no idea what the salt content of the media is.
  • THE STORY: Nathan Never is called in to help Commissioner Ritva Kaurismaki uncover the truth behind the slayings of an entire space lab crew, as well as a rash of similar murders that have occured since the Demeter's sole survivor, Vlad Shreck has been released.
  • To combat the emergence of bags under the eyes and decrease their volume once they have occured, it is necessary to act on the physiological deficiencies giving rise to the phenomenon:
  • 9.4 How can I keep a log of the packages I added to the system? I'd like to know when which package upgrades and removals have occured!
  • The trip undertaken by the character created by Dojmi is the narrative framework within which a dreamlike search for identity takes place, through the impressions sparked by the alleged alien kidnappings and rediscoveries that have occured in this area and in the desert context.
  • The provision for claims outstanding shall be the total estimated ultimate cost to an insurance undertaking of settling all claims arising from events which have occured up to the end of the financial year, whether reported or not, less amounts already paid in respect of such claims.
  • Due to the fact that no problems have ever occured in practise when terminating an investigation the advisory procedure is the appropriate choice.
  • An error occured while detecting silences.
  • No word yet if anyone at home when the blast occured.
  • The date when the change occured.
  • An error occured while writing to disc
  • Peak excretion occured within 7 days of dosing.
  • The consecration of this building occured many years later in 1581.
  • In the evening of January 6th 1997, another Divine Sign occured.
  • The first collective presentation of male lines occured in 1963.
  • This eruption occured when the constellation of Sagittarius was behind the crater.


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