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held in the Palace vs held at the Palace

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held in the Palace is the most popular phrase on the web.

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held in the Palace

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Some examples from the web:

  • At the end, and photographs of all participants, will find a way to display the results in an exhibition to be held in the Palace Aranburu.
  • Previously it was held in the Palace Sales Award of the II National Competition on Human Rights organized by the Municipality and the School of Education of UNESCO Clubs.
  • Visit to the Italian Parliament in a public session held in the Palace of Montecitorio, Rome (November 14, 2002)
  • In 2011 I contributed to the organization of a commemorative exhibition of my father's paintings, held in the palace base of the Provincial Administration of Rome.
  • During the 1960s all the collections previously held in the Lateran Palace were transferred to the Vatican, where in June 1970 the new wing was inaugurated.
  • Since Portugal became a democracy in the late nineteen seventies numerous demonstrations have been held in front of the palace.
  • Sessions of the conference will be held in the following palaces and halls (see the program for more details):
  • The General Congregations of Cardinals are to be held in the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican or, if circumstances demand it, in another place judged more suitable by the Cardinals.

held at the Palace

3,860,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Admission is free and the event will last 4 to 15 April, with opening at 21.00 tomorrow, and will be held at the Palace of the Vi > ...
  • The event is organized dall'Aots
  • Tour Operators Association of San Vito Lo Capo
  • and sponsored by the City of San Vito Lo Capo. Admission is free, and, as anticipated, the concerts will be held at the Palace Gate.
  • On 29 and 30 June, the second "Council of Europe Meeting on the religious dimension of intercultural dialogue" was held at the Palace of Europe in Strasbourg and was focused on the teaching of religious facts.
  • In 1947 the festival is held at the Ducal Palace, a most magnificent backdrop for hosting a record 90 thousand participants.
  • During their meetings, customarily held at the Pitti Palace, many experiments were carried out particularly in thermometry, chemistry, medicine, barometrics and pneumatics, using specially constructed instruments.
  • The event will be held at the Electoral Palace in Mainz. More than 500 international participants are expected to take part in the conference.

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